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It's Time You Stopped Overpaying Your Payroll Service!

Whether you're frustrated with your current payroll service or you're just looking to reduce your payroll processing fees, HalfOffPayroll.com can offer you a safe, secure, and low-cost payroll solution. Plus, there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

5 Reasons Why Your Businesses Will Switch To HalfOffPayroll.com: 

  • #1: Low, Wholesale Prices - Our payroll and payroll filing tax fees are 50% less than most payroll services*.
  • #2: Automatic Tax Payment & Filing - We'll automatically pay and file your payroll-related taxes.
  • #3: You'll Sleep Better At Night - We hired one of the largest publicly traded payroll companies to handle your payroll/payroll-related taxes.
  • #4: Unlimited Payroll Runs - No upcharges for processing your payroll on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • #5: Tons Of Freebies And Your First 30-Days Are FREE - Yeah, we could charge you more but we'll leave that up to our competition.

*We recently reduced two business owner's (each with 20 employees) invoices by 67% and 72%; Talk about being happy!

We'll Keep Your Business 100% Compliant With The IRS.

To keep your business 100% compliant with the IRS, our "one-touch" payroll tax calculation service includes:

  • Automatic federal, state, and local payroll tax calculation, filing, and payment (Social Security, Medicare, FUTA and SUI).
  • Automatic confirmation that your taxes have been filed and paid on your behalf.

Click here to read our IRS "no penalty" guarantee.

We'll Keep Your
Payroll 100%  Secure.

You'll sleep a lot better at
night knowing your payroll is secure.

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60-Second Demo.

Watch this video on how easy we
make payday for you. Seriously, very easy!

36-Hour Direct
Deposit Turnaround.

After all, you just want to pay your people fast, not put someone on the moon.

    About us

    HalfOffPayroll.com specializes in helping small businesses solve their payroll, HR and timekeeping needs - all at an incredible price.

    As one of nation's fastest growing wholesale payroll service brokers in the country, we can provide you and your business with a secure, reliable payroll processing, HR and timekeeping solution.

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