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Finally, A Payroll Service You Can Refer With Complete Confidence!.

HalfOffPayroll.com is a unique payroll service that makes it easy for you to recommend to your business clients.  To ensure your business clients are completely protected, your clients' payroll and payroll tax filings are handled by one of the largest publically traded payroll service bureaus in the country.

Your Business Clients Are Completely Protected.

HalfOffPayroll.com will protect your business clients from any and all payroll tax penalties. Plus, we offer a written No Payroll Tax Penalty Guarantee.

Click Here To Read Our Written Guarantee. 

4 Great Benefits To Your Business Clients:

  1. Guaranteed Payroll-Related Tax Payments - Your clients' payroll and payroll-related taxes are handled by one of the nation's largest and secure payroll services in the country.
  2. Low, Wholesale Prices - We are typically 50% less expensive as compared to the national payroll service bureaus. 
  3. 36-Hour Or Less Direct Deposit Service - It's your clients' money and they should never wait to pay their employees.
  4.  Easy Payroll Processing - Your clients will be able to process their own payroll in less than 2-minutes via any device (even when they are on vacation). 

4 Great Benefits To You, The Accountant.

  1. We Will Never "Accrue" Your Clients' Payroll Taxes - Unlike other independent payroll services, we licensed a national payroll service's software to accrue your clients' funds (we never handle your clients' monies). 
  2. Extensive Online Payroll Reports - You will have 24/7 access to your clients’ payroll data and reports. 
  3. General Ledger Interface - General Ledger Interface (GLI) to electronically import payroll-related journal entries into accounting applications such as QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online, and CSV export format.
  4. Single-Point-Of-Contact - We will assign you a dedicated payroll liaison o serve as your point of contact. 
More Information Or How To Refer Us To A Business Client 
If you have questions, or would like more information about our Accountant Partnership Program, please send us your name and contact information.

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    HalfOffPayroll.com specializes in helping small businesses solve their payroll, HR and timekeeping needs - all at an incredible price.

    As one of nation's fastest growing wholesale payroll service brokers in the country, we can provide you and your business with a secure, reliable payroll processing, HR and timekeeping solution.

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