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Free HR Forms For You To Download.

Putting things in writing is an essential part of reducing your business' risks. More importantly, it helps keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly. Although some businesses don't have a formal HR department, they still need the same HR forms as a larger organization. That's were we can help you.

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#1 Application Acknowledgement Letter

Use this sample letter to tell job applicants that you have received their application and/or resume. 

#2 Employee Recognition Letter

This sample template will help you create an employee recogntion letter.

#3 Employee Handbook Templates

Our sample employee handbooks can be quickly modified to fit the needs and culture of your organization. 

#4 Employee Attendance Policy

This template will help you manage any attendance issues by establishing a formal policy for their business.

#5 Hourly Employee Attendance Policy

This is a sample template that formalizes certain standards for your organization.

#6 Job Description Template

This sample job description tool will help you define a person's role and accountability. 

#7 Disciplinary Meeting Notice

This sample letter is given to an employee to tell them that they need to attend a disciplinary meeting.

#8 Company Equality Policy

This sample template outlines an employer's commitment to equality in its workplace; and help promote it within the organization.

#9 Employee Absence Record Document

This document is for recording an employee's instances of absence from work and lateness for work, and highlighting any patterns.

#10 Work From Home Company Policy

This document outlines the main components of a company's work from home policy.

#11 Sample Flex-Time Company Policy

This document will help an employer that adapts a flex-time policy for its employees.

#12 Employee Self Appraisal Form

This form can be used by an employee to summarize their performance ahead of the appraisal meeting with their manager.

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