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We'll Help You Run A More Profitable Law Office

Most law offices' #1 priority is to maintain billable time. Unfortunately, running payroll for your staff is often wasted doing it by yourself or hiring an expensive accountant or bookkeeper to do it.  This is where HalfOffPayroll.com comes in. 

Spend More Time On Billable Time And Less Time Running Your Payroll!

From gross-to-net wages to payroll tax calculations, HalfOffPayroll.com makes the entire payroll process easy for you and/or your payroll manager (less than 2 minutes). More importantly, we offer a "one-click" system to handle your law offices payroll tax payments - an automatic process designed to save you from potentially costly mistakes, fines, and government audits. 

Click Here To Read Our Payroll Tax And Filing Guarantee. 

Our Feature-Rich Payroll System Provides Your Law Office With:

  • An Employee Self-Serve 24/7 Portal: You can reduce the time it takes passing out employee pay stubs and simple payroll questions with our 24/7 employee self-serve portal (it's highly protected via a self-generated user name and password).  
  • Run Your Payroll In 2-Minutes Or Less: We offer a fast and easy to use system to keeping your law office more profitable. As your payroll partner, we will help you focus on keeping your profitability at the top of your "to-do" list.
  • Auto Payroll Tax Filing/Reporting: The government has made the payroll tax calculations and quarterly/year-end reporting process a nightmare of an issue.  When you outsource your payroll function to us, we will reduce your labor costs AND, more importantly, your time

Typical Payroll Process At A Law Office:

  • Set aside one+ hour a week to run payroll.
  • Collect all payroll timesheets from your employees.
  • Manually calculate and deduct Medicare, unemployment taxes and Social Security taxes each pay period.
  • Complete several goverment forms and make deposits to federal and state agencies.
  • Distribute paychecks to all employees.
  • File all quarterly and year-end reports.
  • Calculate and create all year-end W2s and 1099s.
  • Handle all new hire reports for your state/federal government.  

Easy-To-Use Payroll System For Your law Office

  • Fast payroll process; you can run your payroll in less than 2-minutes from any device, 7-days a week.
  • We offer an easy-to-use payroll system for businesses with 1 - 49 employees and start-ups.
  • Our payroll system's navigation is completely intuitive (watch our video on how easy it is to use).
  • You can download scores of payroll reports 24/7.
  • We offer many add-on options for a growing restaurants, i.e., 401K, workers’ comp, time and attendance solutions and more.

Automatic Payroll Tax Calculations & Deductions

  • Automatic payment and filing of your federal, state and local taxes (and 100% guaranteed).
  • Automatic updates are done to ensure your law office is in 100% compliance with all government entities (YAY!).
  • Automatic calculations for your employees' net wages, deductions and withholdings.

Pay Employees & 1099 Contractors (Yay!)

  • Pay yourself, your employees and your 1099 contractors on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis.
  • Run bonuses, corrections, and off cycle payroll 24/7. 
  • 36-hour direct deposit turnaround (funds are withdrawn from your business account the night before payday vs. 5 days before payday). 
  • Deductions, i.e., wage garnishment, are easily set up on a per employee basis.
  • Pay your staff via direct deposit or use our self-print check option (no special printer is needed).
  • View your payroll reports within minutes of running your last payroll cycle. 
  • Automatic government paperwork submission for all new employees hired.
  • Year-end W2s and 1099 Misc. reports/forms.

24/7 Employee Self-Serve (ESS) Logon

  • Our ESS 24/7 program provides your staff with immediate access to all payroll stubs, personal information, YTD wages earned, W-4 information, etc. 24/7.
  • Employees logon via a secured portal (personalized user name and password). 

World-Class Security

  • Our payroll system's SSL encryption leads the industry with its security standards.
  • Your payroll and employees' information is kept 100% safe with a secure user name and password that you control. 
  • We offer a secure call-in process to prevent unauthorized access to your payroll data. 

Easy Payroll Conversion Process

  • We offer an easy three-step payroll conversion process.
  • No special training is necessary or complex installations to your computer.
  • No setup fees.
  • We'll walk you through the entire setup and answer all your questions. 

​Lots Of FREE Extras

  • FREE New Hire Reporting - We handle all the paperwork to appropriate state agencies, as mandated by the federal government, automatically when you enter new employees into your payroll account.
  • FREE Labor Law Posters - Our HR Resource Center provides you the most up to date federal and state labor law posters - we even offer a $25,000 reimbursement if our posters are out of compliance. 
  • FREE HR-Related Business Forms - You will have access to sample offer letters, termination letters, employee direct deposit forms, new employee orientation checklist for supervisors, and scores more (click here to view our line of free HR forms).
  • FREE Software Upgrades - As long as you have an internet connection, you can process your company's payroll with our latest updates and enhancements - there is never a charge for our system upgrades.
    About us

    HalfOffPayroll.com specializes in helping small businesses solve their payroll, HR and timekeeping needs - all at an incredible price.

    As one of nation's fastest growing wholesale payroll service brokers in the country, we can provide you and your business with a secure, reliable payroll processing, HR and timekeeping solution.

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