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Our Payroll Tax & Filing Guarantee Lets You Sleep Better At Night!

We are tired of reading about unscrupulous payroll services and payroll ACH companies stealing from their clients!  

To help you sleep better at night, we hired one of the nation's largest publically traded payroll services to automatically pay AND file your federal, state, and local payroll-related taxes. What does this mean?  It's simple; HalfOffPayroll.com will never have access to your payroll AND payroll-related tax monies.  And this makes us one of the nation's safest and most trusted independent payroll service bureaus. 



    About us

    HalfOffPayroll.com specializes in helping small businesses solve their payroll, HR and timekeeping needs - all at an incredible price.

    As one of nation's fastest growing wholesale payroll service brokers in the country, we can provide you and your business with a secure, reliable payroll processing, HR and timekeeping solution.

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    "Save Up To 50% Running Your Payroll" is a registered trademark of Half Off Payroll, LLC

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