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You Run Your Business. We'll Run Your Payroll. 

Our simple to use payroll solution makes payday fast, easy and less expensive for you.  We even offer a 36-hour direct deposit turnaround to ensure last minute payrolls are done without delay. Do you need a last minute payroll check or 1099 contractor check?  No problem, you always have the option to print a check(s) directly from your printer!

  • We make it easy (and free) to switch payroll services.
  • Save up to 50% or more getting your payroll processed.
  • For small businesses with 1 to 49 employees.
  • It’s 100% online payroll for 24/7 access.
  • Employees can access their payroll information via a secured user name and password. 
  • Run your payroll anytime you want (even when you are on vacation).
  • Our system will instantly calculate, file and pay your company's payroll-related taxes.
  • You can either pay your employees via our free direct deposit service or you can print checks via pre-printed checks or blank check stock.

​Key Features Of Our Payroll System.

36-Hour Direct Deposit Service

You can choose to use our free 36-hour direct deposit service or print your checks right from your own printer. 

Automatic Payroll- Related Tax Filing AND Payment

Our system will calculate, deduct, file and pay your company's federal, state and local taxes.

Extensive Payroll Reports

Your payroll reports are immediately available (Excel, PDF or Word formats). 

FREE Labor Law Posters And HR Support Tools

We'll provide you with all the mandatory federal and state compliance posters and many how-to guides. ​

FREE 24/7 Help

Free 24/7 online help or tap into our friendly, U.S.-based payroll experts during regular business hours!

FREE New-Hire Reporting Service

We will automatically report free of charge your new hires to the appropriate state agencies.

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    About us

    HalfOffPayroll.com specializes in helping small businesses solve their payroll, HR and timekeeping needs - all at an incredible price.

    As one of nation's fastest growing wholesale payroll service brokers in the country, we can provide you and your business with a secure, reliable payroll processing, HR and timekeeping solution.

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